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I'm really trying to overcome my anxiety - DS 2 has a temperature.

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OnEdge Mon 01-Aug-11 02:02:19

I suffer from anxiety, especially regarding my kids health.

I have been working away and have just returned home. Husband said my DS 2 has been spiking a temperature since Saturday lunch time. He said he was a bit quiet yesterday and didn't want to eat much. Today he has been playing and has had a normal appetite. The temperature has reached 39.9, but seems to respond to Nurofen and calpol. I just checked him, he is asleep, but responsive - I took his temperature and he wriggled around a bit.

So I am trying to overcome my anxiety and am largely winning am also seeking reassurance I suppose.

My rational self is saying he has a virus and he is fighting it.
My irrational self - well lets just say its horrifying me sad

mumatron Mon 01-Aug-11 02:15:07

I could of written that post myself. My Dd2 is exactly the same. Except she can't seem to sleep.

How old is your ds?

OnEdge Mon 01-Aug-11 02:22:06

He is 2. I am lying in his bed next to him, he is having a cold bottle if milk. Temperature coming down. Trying to decide if he's snotty or having trouble breathing , he seems content. I just hate this do you ?

Niecie Mon 01-Aug-11 02:45:31

There is a lot of it about at the moment. Both my boys have had temperatures in the last month and nothing else really wrong with them. They have been eating mostly, although not as much as usual. I have had a friend who had it too and she said she was told plenty of people seem to be suffering.

I know it is scary. I get in a bit of a state when my two are ill too. Mine are older now and it does get a bit easier as they get older and can communicate. If it is any consolation whatever it was this time does seem very mild and it only lasted a day or two (although it might last longer is little ones). Listen to your rational self - it is just a virus and it is not going to get any worse.

It is were going to be something awful I reckon you would know by now. These things usually hit hard at the beginning and taper off.

Hope your DC are better in the morning. smile

OnEdge Mon 01-Aug-11 05:19:54

How's your DD mumatron ? And how are you ?

My son seems ok, all snotty. It was the symptomless part that freaked megrin

OnEdge Mon 01-Aug-11 05:21:36

Thanks neicie, nice to know it gets better as they get older 

mumatron Mon 01-Aug-11 09:09:08

Finally managed to put her down at 3.30. Didn't get much sleep as I kept panicking about her temp.

Calpol seems to be working though.

How's your ds?

OnEdge Mon 01-Aug-11 12:07:27

took him to the GP, and felt like a time waster. He gave me a dead good leaflet called "When do I worry" about kids illness. He said it was just a virus. I am cross with myself because i knew deep down, yet I had to take him angry

How is your daughter today ?

Knackeredmother Sun 14-Aug-11 16:22:46

Is your lo better? My ds had a temp the same time as yours so I could relate to your post.
I forgot to check back until now to see how you are doing.

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