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Lump in neck extra thyroid tissue anyone had this?

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nanatothree Sun 31-Jul-11 22:20:08

Had a sub total thyroidectomy 12years ago and for the last 8years have been overactive again. On seeing the consultant he said there was two choices RAI or surgery but he would recommend RAI. Whilst there I asked about a lump I had higher up under the chin. This was laughingly dismissed as nothing to worry about. When I said I was worried he admitted he didn't know and very begrugdingly referred me to ENT clinic.
Went to ENT clinic who took cells out with a needle and sent me for a scan. The scan showed extra thyroid tissue. So I wondered what action they would take - the hospital having cancelled my RAI treatment, after many weeks the original consultant said he would discuss at end of Sept when he was back off leave.
Needless to say I WAS NOT HAPPY!!
Taking carbimazole at the moment and now awaiting an appointment to see different consultant at ENT (first one not a thyroid expert). Has anyone ever had something similar if so what did you have done? They seem to be passing me from one dept to another and the options seem to consist of RAI tablet and wait and see if lump stays the same or surgery of both if I insist!!!

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