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nilequeen Sun 31-Jul-11 19:54:32

Here's a mystery for you to solve...

My husband, my daughter and I are all covered in itchy lumps. My daughter's are on her scalp only and she's itched them until they bleed. In the case of my husband and I they are spread all over our body - places you wouldn't expect insect bites to be (we like in Scotland and are always well clothed due to the chilly weather all year round). Weirdly, our baby doesn't have any of these itchy lumps. We have a cat.

Anyone any suggestions what's causing this?

nilequeen Sun 31-Jul-11 19:55:21

We LIVE in Scotland, not like, though saying that we do like it...

Elibean Sun 31-Jul-11 20:36:43

Midges? Spiders? Bed bugs?

I mention the latter because, after five days away in a rented villa in France, I am sporting about 30 itchy lumps and am almost sure they were from bed bugs. And they are in places you wouldn't normally expect insect bites to be.

dh also has a few, but nowhere near as many (though same bed), my father and step-mother had a very few each, and the dds - in a different room - none at all.

Have you been away anywhere? Slept in a different bed? Had anyone staying with a suitcase they could have crawled out of?

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