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Pelvic floor

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ChablisLover Sun 31-Jul-11 08:22:53

Had smear last Friday and was advised to do pelvic floor exercises.

Any tips or advice?

Also have seen devices on Internet that are supposed to help. Do they?

Also have been spotting since smear. Is this normal? Am on pill and thinking it might also be related as it has happened mid cycle before. Or does it relate to need to do pelvic floor exercises ?

So many questions.

Thanks for any help and advice in advance

ttalloo Sun 31-Jul-11 08:36:57

Will be interested to see what others recommend, OP. My pelvic floor hasn't been the same since two pgs, and I'd love to strengthen it. Only I can't find it!

breatheslowly Sun 31-Jul-11 09:05:58

You could try this. I have it but have only done it once blush.

ChablisLover Sun 31-Jul-11 17:48:26

Breatheslowly - was it any good? Have seen all these toners online and am wondering if they are a bit like a slender tone for down there?!!!

Back to manual clenching in the mean time.

breatheslowly Sun 31-Jul-11 18:28:07

I think it is quite a simple 20 min pelvic floor thing, and at £3 or so it is woth a try. It certainly matches what my physio told me to do.

javo Tue 02-Aug-11 21:09:56

I do Pilates - many of the exercises involve "engaging your pelvic floor" . Try and find one run by an experienced person - my class is run by a physio and I have found it really helps- I do the exercises at home too.
On an old thread on MN I remember someone mentioning a device called the AQuaflex which you could buy at Boots. I had a leaflet given to me by Hv when I left hospital that advised stopping your pee midstream for a few seconds to strenghten the PF and imagining a lift going up from your fanjo to your tummy and stopping at various floors and doing this exercise at anytime you are standing around.

I think you can ask for a gp referral to a physio if it is bad - they can give you specific exercises. I think you can also get Cones and other PF toners to insert and I think there is an electronic device called a Keigel 8 (?)- perhaps someone on here has tried it.

I think the key is to do exercises every day or as much as possible - it takes a while to tone up

Good luck

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