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GP thinks not a prolapse but I'm not sure. Advice?

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BongoWinslow Sat 30-Jul-11 22:14:28

DS was born about 10 months ago and things downstairs have been fine. But every now and then I'd get a feeling inside like I'd put a tampon in wrong. Lately it's got worse (since I started exercising) and now it feels like that way all the time.

Saw GP and she said not prolapse but is sending me to obstetric physio. She said that the vaginal wall on the bowel side is a bit weak and bulges a bit when I cough.

Sorry if TMI but I can feel a bit of a lump (cervix? I don't know) and it feels lower than in the past and I can push it back upwards blush. I thought maybe it was my cervix (I'm kind of thick about this) but GP wasn't sure and said she couldn't see cervix when she examined me. And she couldn't see why I'd be feeling weird down there.

She also said exercise (rowing) won't make it worse but I'm not so sure as it seems worse since I started doing it again.

I know the physio will probably give me better advice, but what do others think? What's reason for the weird feeling? And is rowing ok?

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