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What's wrong with my DH? Night sweats, rash and more

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galagal Sat 30-Jul-11 19:28:19

I've name changed for this because DH would be mortified if he knew I was discussing this in public.

He's been suffering from night sweats on and off for a few months now. More recently he's developed a rash on the back of his knees, the bend in his elbows and coming up between his buttocks. It's very red, raised and itchy.

In the last two weeks he's also started to have some erectile dysfunction. He's having difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection. We haven't discussed this at all but I'm really starting to worry now as he's never had problems with this before.

I've done a google search and the one thing that's ticking all those boxes is Diabetes. Could it be anything else?

How can I get him to the doctor without embarrassing or scaring him?

DCSsunhill Sat 30-Jul-11 19:31:09

I'm not saying this to alarm you but night sweats are a common side effect of cancer. Just wanted to make you aware.

When my Ex H was diagnosed a few years ago, every doctor asked him if night sweats were present, but he had never had them.

Like I said, not trying to panic you....just make you aware.

galagal Sat 30-Jul-11 19:36:47

Thanks DCS.

I'm going to have to frog march him to the surgery aren't I?

TheProvincialLady Sat 30-Jul-11 19:38:36

He must be feeling awful with those symptoms. Don't try and diagnose him (you'll end up scaring both of you) but DO tell him he must go. Offer to go with him if he's worried.

galagal Sat 30-Jul-11 19:45:43

Thanks TPL (sorry to shorten your name!) I've been trying to get him to go for the night sweats since they started without any luck. It's not waking him up particularly (he's not a great sleeper anyway, and never has been) but the sheets were so wet last night that we had to flip the duvet over at 3am. I've been googling so that I can say "It might be something serious" with something behind me.

RichTeaAreCrap Sat 30-Jul-11 20:47:43

It could well be diabetes, sounds a bit like it. The rashes could be thrush, it can develop on people. I know a friend of mine didn't whose dh didn't know he had diabetes. He went to the doctor because he developed yeast infections and had problems with errections. He was only in his 30's too so was quite worried. It turned out he was diabetic.

Footle Sat 30-Jul-11 21:53:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

noddyholder Sat 30-Jul-11 21:54:24


HansieMom Sat 30-Jul-11 22:28:18

Lyme disease ticks all the boxes. If you go to the site above, click where it says on right side of page to see pic of rash.

Chipotle Sat 30-Jul-11 22:36:18

Get him to visit his GP. Why do men avoid seeing their GP?
A simple blood test will rule out diabetes, cancer, Lyme disease etc... (whatever anyone on here has attempted to diagnose).

Elibean Sat 30-Jul-11 22:45:51

Yes, DO get him to GP, by whatever means necessary!

Can be all sorts of things, but 'all sorts' does include some serious illnesses so a check-up important. Good luck getting him there (am trying to persuade asthmatic dh to go to A&E for nebulizer right now, rather than wait, hopeless - so speak with sympathy).

HansieMom Sat 30-Jul-11 22:46:35

Did you see my (unintentional) joke? TICKS all the boxes.

MumblingRagDoll Sat 30-Jul-11 22:53:19

Do we even get Lyme disease in England? confused Not sure this is the thread for jokes anyway HansieMom

IntotheNittyGritty Sat 30-Jul-11 22:53:19

Lots of people mentioning differnt things here for you to worry about. I would strongly suggest you persuade him to get blood tests and checks done by the doctor - even for him to be able to say - see nothing is wrong.

You mention it has been going on for months - this is a long time especially if there is something wrong.

lisad123 Sat 30-Jul-11 23:00:11

Ok, going to say it because i care confused
DH had night sweats for months, he would wake up in the mornign and the bed sheet would be soaked, this went on for months, with him getting weaker and losing weight. He had cancer and 2 1/2 years his still fighting it. Please get him to the GP on monday. I had to drag DH to the GP (on a saturday as he was worried about missing work), and he thanks me to this day for doing it.

galagal Sat 30-Jul-11 23:09:00

Thanks all. I raised my concerns again this evening when he got home from work (not the erectile thing - not going near that subject unless I absolutely have to!) and given him 'the look'. If he's not made an appointment by monday lunch-time I'm going to do it for him and drive him there by whatever means necessary.

Apart from the symptoms above he seems fine but has been slightly more tired than usual but he gets periods of insomnia so it's hard to judge really.

MissMaryofSweden Sat 30-Jul-11 23:09:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HansieMom Sat 30-Jul-11 23:15:13

MRD and all, sorry, didn't think of that. I looked up its incidence--said to be a major problem all around the globe. This year where I live (Ohio) the ticks are terrible. We had lots of rain in spring and early summer.

Elibean Sun 31-Jul-11 11:17:12

Good for you, OP - let us know if he made the apt smile

Yes, we do get Lyme disease here, there are warning notices about it in Richmond Park (SW London) because there are deer...but it is pretty unusual.

galagal Sun 31-Jul-11 17:27:25

MMoS No medication at all. He's generally very healthy, just occasional colds etc but his diet is appalling. He pretty much lives on bread, bacon, chocolate and crisps despite my best efforts.

Hansie no worries, thanks for your suggestion. smile

I had another chat with him this morning and said that I'd noticed that things were tricky when we've had sex in the last two weeks and that he's been different . Usually he's up for it all the time but he's barely mentioned it at all. I said to him that there were two possible reasons a) there's something going on with him physically or b) he's gone off me (after nearly 16 years). He said it wasn't b. I told him that I wasn't bringing it up to make him feel uncomfortable but because I'm scared for him. He's going to call for a doctor's appointment tomorrow.

I'll let you know how he gets on.

TheProvincialLady Sun 31-Jul-11 18:22:21

Well done for persuading him. Fingers crossed it's nothing serious - I'll be thinking of you.

Elibean Sun 31-Jul-11 19:36:43

oh well done, galagal...straight talking is a wonderful thing. Fingers crossed here too.

HansieMom Sat 06-Aug-11 19:52:35

Galagal, has he seen the doc? I've been checking this daily to see what is the diagnosis.

Elibean Sun 07-Aug-11 22:41:10

Hope all well, galagal.

galagal Sat 13-Aug-11 22:38:33

Sorry! We've been away for a week and only got back today (probably should have popped in and mentioned it!)

Yep, he saw the doctor on friday 5th which was the earliest appointment he could get. She was concerned about the night sweats and has taken some blood for testing. He's calling for the results on monday. I made him not eat anything from 10pm thursday just incase they needed a fasting glucose test which is one of the ones they are doing so that's sped things up a bit.

He's got some cream for the rash which seems to be clearing up but the night sweats are continuing. His interest in sex comes and goes (no pun intended).

The surgery haven't called while we've been away so I'm hoping that's a good sign - they'd have called if it was very urgent wouldn't they?

Sorry again for keeping you in suspense and thanks for caring enough to check. I'll let you know what monday's phone call brings.

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