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About to drop and so so worried about father

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sososworried Fri 29-Jul-11 15:51:35

I'm 38+6 and have a DS aged 2. My dad (early 60's) has been having tests the last couple of weeks and has suspected osephegal cancer which sounds pretty advanced. All I seem to be able to do is cry, I can't even shield my tears from DS because everytime he's a bit naughty or even when he's lovely it sets me off. I'm so worred about my dad, my mum, younger brother and DS and how we are going to cope in coming weeks/months I can't even think about coping with a newborn. I don't know what I'm hoping for posting here, maybe reassurance but more just need to speak to people because I haven't told anyone apart from DH who is having is own crisises (his Dad also has cancer).

Jezabelle Fri 29-Jul-11 16:17:14

sad So sorry soso. I don't know that I'll have anything very useful to say, but wanted to achknowledge your post. The only thing I would suggest is getting any support you can to help you cope in the coming months. That may have to be support outside the family as everyone is going to have their own difficulties. Have you got friends locally? Please try and confide in them, having a baby can be lonely without a support network.

We had a berievement just before my DD2 was born. It had a massive effect on DH who became very depressed. It was a really difficult time for us but I think my DCs actually helped to get me through it. Apart from anything else they gave me the courage to ask for help as I knew I owed it to them. I got in touch with Home Start who offer a voluntary support service. They were a real life line in those darker months.

Keep posting. Good luck.

gingeroots Sat 30-Jul-11 20:23:43

Oh you poor thing - I recognise that overwhelmed feeling where everything seems to spiral into a great vortex where you're worried about everything .
You've an awful lot on your plate - I don't know what to say but wanted to offer support .
Try not to worry about your DS and younger brother ,I'm sure they'll cope .
And if DH has relatives with cancer you need to support eachother ,not feel that you musn't burden him with your worries . ( I wonder who's worrying about you ? )
You will get through this ,you'll have your baby and will be exhausted but your hormones and love will help you .
Be as kind to yourself as you can be ,let little things like housework slide ,tell your DH how you're feeling . And talk to your midwife/HV ? about how much you've got going on at the moment .
And I'm sending you positive thoughts .

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