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Anyone recovering from laparoscopic ovary removal?

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Sexonlegs Fri 29-Jul-11 11:30:45

Went in on Monday lunchtime for cyst removal. They took out the ovary as well, as the cyst had completely taken over, along with the tube and blasted some endo.

Was due to come home, but each time I stood up I fainted so didn't come out until Wednesday afternoon. They think it was the co-codamol that didn't agree with me.

I feel like I have been run over. Not so much the tummy area but across my collar bone feels so sore and tight; I can't stand up straight.

Have been drinking peppermint tea and chewing remegel but seems to be taking ages to go.

Anyone have any welcome tips??

Kladdkaka Fri 29-Jul-11 14:36:00

I had that after gallbladder surgery. It's muscle strain caused by them inflating the abdoment to create the space to work in. I didn't know this before, but you get blown up like a balloon. I took ibruprofen, hot baths and one of those bean bags wraps you microwave to heat. It does go eventually, it's very early days at the moment. Take care.

Sexonlegs Fri 29-Jul-11 16:14:25

Thank you smile

Have been taking ibuprofen and having hot showers. I thought it was trapped wind, but now you mention muscle strain, that is exactly what it feels like.

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