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Arthroscopy op on knee any advice !!

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choclab Thu 28-Jul-11 18:11:12

Hi , have had trouble for some time , i do alot of sport keep fit , running , however i have to give up running ..for a while ...

through long diagnosis seeing various people who tried to fob me off have answers ...havinf had MRI

I have a cyst (non Harmful) on my knee joint /poss cartalige damage , wont know for sure till do a Arthroscopy ....then is is loose or damage will remove and treat cyst at same time ...

but if do have op and they discover the cartalage is in tact will leave cysr alone and be as i am now ...

anyone els had similar or indeed had this op .....
and any advice on recovery etc ..

jicky Thu 28-Jul-11 18:39:24

I had one, with ACL stump trimming many years ago. The one thing I would say is dont like I did assume because it is day surgery you'll be up and about the next day!

I went to work, left at lunch time and really believed I would be back in the next morning! I was in quite a bit of pain for about 4 days, and a bit spaced on pain killers.

Also don't let your dh go abroad and leave you with no food the following day.

choclab Thu 28-Jul-11 18:45:12

oh ..sounds a bit grim for you food ....not good

whats a ACL ?

he has said , 2 weeks no driving , 4/6 weeks no work /8 weeks no exercising ...

jicky Thu 28-Jul-11 22:57:02

Anterior cruciate ligament - I torn it and then it kind of curled up and jammed in the joint so my leg would not go straight. So it was hacked off to stumps.

4-6 weeks off work sounds pretty major, guess it depends what you do.

I did lots of physio afterwards, mainly because my leg had been bent for a couple of months before the op, and the Alexander technique to make me stand with my weight on two legs - so mainly fixing the bad habits I picked up because of the injury.

Definitely make sure you have food!

choclab Fri 29-Jul-11 07:59:32

thanks , hope you r ok now ?

yea mine does sound long time , i do stand for work ...part time though , its the exercise i will miss the most as do something most days ,

just depends what they find when have OP i guess ....

as its not hurting all day every day ..(and im scared sad )
he has suggested i could leave for 6 months then re-scan to see if worse ....
or do i just get it done now ......confused

although cant run for long now on it as painful , and after some exercise hurts a bit , and standing i can feel slight niggle ......

i def sound confused ......

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