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Headache from hell

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Hellishday Thu 28-Jul-11 11:08:35

Am very stressed at the moment, not sleeping and have woken up with the worst headache. I feel as if there is a vice closing in all round my face...ears, throat, teeth all hurt as well as head.
I have taken migraleve as It has worked in the past, but 5 hours on there is no difference.

notyummy Thu 28-Jul-11 11:10:49

Paramol? Codeine sometimes works when others dont.

If it is a migraine then I find Imigran works much better then Migraleve. It is expensive though, and you need to have a session with a pharmacist to discuss your symptoms.

Hope you feel better soon - if it doesn't go away it may be worth seeking medical advice, just in case?

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