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Probable Sciatica - is it even worth bothering to see GP?

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TheDetective Thu 28-Jul-11 01:45:03

I have over several years now had sciatic type pain. Initially it was triggered by excessive 'exercise' (usually when I'd over done the cleaning, or a long walk, etc). The last few months the pain has been occurring on a more regular basis, triggered after mild bouts of 'exercise'. I work in an active occupation (not strenuous, but constantly on my feet, and lots of moving and handling). At present, it feels like it is constant. I ache during and after work. The only respite is if I have a day off work, or a 'quiet' shift. I ache when I wake in the morning, but it quickly settles. Its not enough to make me take pain killers, as I am quite stubborn in not wishing to resort to this option. I'd score the pain as 5 out of 10.
I think its being caused by posture, and exacerbated by my occupation, although I have been aware of it from the age of 17 after having my first child.

I wondered about going to my GP, but really, what is the point? I doubt there is much that can be done. After all, it hasn't got to my pain threshold of needing analgesia. My biggest concern is that it will continue to get worse. And I'm only 26 now.

I'm rather embarassed to admit, its now effecting my sex life. This evening after not wanting intercourse for several weeks, we tried, and I discovered, I need a cushion in the small of my back, and the pain I've had which made sex unenjoyable for years just went. But I don't want sex to be in just the missionary position!! My partner is 21 for goodness sake! I feel like an old woman next to him! It makes me cringe, although he is so understanding.

I also get other back pain, well more like shoulder pain, which I can only describe as a burning muscular pain. Its only triggered by driving - so far.
Can anyone offer me any advice - I am reluctant to go to my GP, feels like a waste of time, but it is bothering me.

kayah Thu 28-Jul-11 01:53:43

Can you afford do pay for a visit at an osteopath?

I swear myine made possible for me to understand what went wrong with me in the past and what are problems I am creating myself.

Her and yoga smile

some people prefer pilates.

EDD24may Thu 28-Jul-11 02:28:59

See your gp to get examined especially with your upper back/neck symptoms.don't be embarrasssed to admit it's affecting your sex life-that's significant.ask for Physio referral....more may come later or depending on examination.they won't think you're're so young! Agree with above-pilates for your core strength.swimming also good.osteopath made my back worse but some like it...would suggest Dr first and ask if any gps in your surgery have special interest in backs-some sub specialise. Best of luck x

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