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Breast issue, pregnancy, health anxiety and general panic. Can anyone help?

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SnoozleDoozle Wed 27-Jul-11 22:46:07

OK, deep breath.

I am six months pregnant. A few weeks ago, I noticed a little red lump, not particularly hard, and a bit tender if I poke at it, next to my nipple. Had antenatal appt with GP yesterday and mentioned it to him. He looked at it, very carefully, and said that he is satisfied that it is nothing to worry about, but just to keep an eye on it. He asked me to bring it to his attention after the birth, so that he can look at it again, and he stressed that I wasn't to panic, that it is most likely pregnancy hormone related.

So, of course, I have started to panic. The thing is, I have suffered terribly for years, on and off, with health anxiety, and generalised anxiety disorder. Although I have had this for weeks, without noticing it getting bigger, once the Dr said to keep an eye on it, suddenly I am convinced that it has got bigger overnight (unlikely, I know). DH says, quite rightly, that if the Dr was concerned he would be referring me to hospital right now, not talking about looking at it again after the birth. I have no reason to doubt my Dr, he is very thorough and would always err on the side of caution. But, I am becoming a bit of a wreck, can't get it out of my mind, and I am swinging between wanting to check it every five minutes, and wanting to shower in the dark so that I can't see it (out of sight and out of mind).

I know this is a long post, but I just was hoping that someone out there might have experience of something similar, or could even just calm me down!

Solo Thu 28-Jul-11 01:29:29

Would it help if you got your Dh to photograph it (the lump) with a coin next to it so that you can see for yourself that it's not getting bigger? also a good indicator of change if this does occur...just a thought. I'm sure everything is just fine. smile

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