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So so fed up :(

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3cutedarlings Wed 27-Jul-11 09:11:43

I feel like shite, have done on and off for over 5 weeks. Started with a hacking cough temp which i had for 3 weeks. There was nothing on my chest (phlem/gunk) so i didnt bother going to the docs, silly i know. Had i have known it was gonna drag on so long i would have gone. Cough/cold almost cleared for a day or so and i get laryngitis, i actually felt tonnes better, but the constant dry throat and mouth is getting me down now, it get better (ish) for a day or so, but then im back to square one. The constant having to raise my voice is making me breathless and sickly ive has it now for 3 weeks. Then if all that isnt enough Monday i had ear ache (the ear bunged up with snot sort feeling, sore when i swallowed) and today ive woken up with swollen tonsils sad, ive rang doctors but of course there is no appointments!! till next week, there is the option to sit and wait in the morning but with 3 dc in tow (DD1 has ASD and DS has extreme terrible 2's) i would sooner stick pins in my eye's than sit there for 2 plus hours! DD2 also going to a friend this morning, so i need to drop her off, she so excited (has been since last week) i cant let her down.

I dont actually know what i expect you lot to do, i guess i just needed to vent.

HumperdinkFangboner Wed 27-Jul-11 15:06:18

I feel your pain.

I've been coughing for over 2 weeks now, started off with a cold, sore throat etc, then that went and on came the cough and now I have the cold back! angry

Hope you better soon! If not I'd get an appointment for next week at the docs!

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