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TMI warning! Advice needed!

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cannottthinkofaname Wed 27-Jul-11 07:26:42

Hi, I've name changed as really embarrassed about this...
I had a baby 8 weeks ago, came on an exceptionally heavy, painful period 5 weeks ago which hasn't stopped. Doctor put me on co-amoxiclav for a uterine infection but bleeding still heavy...
Anyway, this morning I was sat on the toilet and felt something in my vagina, like a tampon ready to fall out iykwim...from there passed a large round mass of something. I threw it down the toilet and questioned whether it had come from there...but I know it did! Got post natal check this morning anyway but wondered if anybody had a clue what this could be?? It's not something I've ever heard of!

cannottthinkofaname Wed 27-Jul-11 08:11:55


Vajazzler Wed 27-Jul-11 08:28:58

It was probably a piece of retained placenta or a large blood clot.

cannottthinkofaname Wed 27-Jul-11 09:30:29

Thanks for replying. Sat in doctors now so I'm hoping she can shed some light. It defo wasn't a clot...they said my placenta was complete so could any still be retained??

Marne Wed 27-Jul-11 09:37:39

Sounds like a clot or placenta, sounds normal after a infection, if any placenta was left in it would have caused an infection, atibiotics would have helped clear it (making you pass it). I can remember after having dd2 (the next day), i was talking to a dad in the family room when i felt something drop out of me, so i had to say politley to the man that i must go now grin, rushed to the loo where i descovered i had passed a huge clot, the midwife soon calmed me down and said it was normal smile.

qwerky Wed 27-Jul-11 13:06:19

It could be a clot .... they can actually be quite flesh like blush.
I was admonished by my MW for not keeping mine shock.

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