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why am I bleeding?

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Moulesfrites Tue 26-Jul-11 20:04:44

I had ds 6 months ago. 11 weeks after birth I had contraceptive implant fitted. A couple of weeks later I had some light bleeding which I just assumed was a reaction to the implant, it stopped after a week or so.

Am ebf-ing ds. We started him on solids about 3 weeks ago and he has cut his daytime feeds down from 5 to 4, but still feeds twice on average through the night.

Last night dh and I had sex.

This morning I woke up and am bleeding again. Light and mucousy (sorry).

Could this be a period, a reaction to the weaning or (more worryingly) a consequence of having sex? Should I be worried? My GP said to make an appt a few months in to review how the implant was going, so will ring up tomorrow, but am getting myself all concerned.

Franca1 Wed 27-Jul-11 12:57:43

Am assuming the implant you are talking about is Coil. Now i know that until it gets used to your body you may bleed. Not the same for everyone though. You might be better off checking with your GP a bit sooner than later.

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