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Denplan- anyone know?

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Putthatbookdown Mon 25-Jul-11 19:11:42

Is it just a way of paying monthly rather than paying it in one large sum ?
Or is it private? Confused

sandripples Mon 25-Jul-11 21:38:07

We have Denplan for the DCs - it just spreads the cost of the treatment and in our case yes its with a private dentist as she no longer works for the NHS at all. I guess it could also be used for treatment above what the NHS would cover at an NHS dentist, IYSWIM.

I think it provides a bit of insurance for overseas as well but have never really looked into that aspect.

thejoanwilder Tue 26-Jul-11 02:37:32

As I understood it, it is private dental insurance, but your policy is with one practice/ dentist.
It covers everything bar lab work/ cosmetic (maybe a couple of other things). So when I had a filling, I didn't pay anything at the dentist- walked in, got the treatment, and walked out. I could also get white fillings on it. However, had I needed a crown, a certain portion of it would have been paid, but I would have needed to pay for the lab fees.
I found it saved me quite a bit. I grind my teeth, so in one year, I had a tooth repaired a few times and eventually taken out because I kept cracking it. All through that I only paid the monthly fee.
Also covers check ups and hygienist appointments.

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