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Off sick from stress, going back to the docs on Tuesday

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Karbea Mon 25-Jul-11 10:05:41

ive been signed off work for two weeks and due to return on Thursday. I'm starting to really panic that my dr will make me go back. I'm still really anxious, I've still got an upset tummy, feel sick etc, still feel rubbish. I saw my mum yesterday fir the first time in ages yesterday and she said I look dreadful and she is really worried about me. I just can't cope with going back yet... Do you think she'll make me go back? Thinking about it makes me want to cry/throw up sad

cece Mon 25-Jul-11 10:06:46

This happened to DH - in the end he had about 6 weeks off until he felt more able to cope with returning to work. Just be honest with your GP.

Ormirian Mon 25-Jul-11 10:14:19

The GP can only sign you off again. Or maybe offer you anti-Ds. The problem is with signing you off again is that it won't make you (and your work) address the issues that made you so stressed.

I had this exact problem about 3 years back. I had about 8 weeks working from home because I broke my foot and couldn't get in to the office. I was allready suffering from anxiety and stress and this just made it worse. I built up the 'return to work' in my head so much that it terrified me. I just wanted to throw up every time I got near the building and kept running off to the toilets to cry.

I ended up on citalopram after the GP looking into other physical causes. The tablets helped as they were what helped me cope at the time. But I have only just got off them. If possible you need to look at what makes you so unhappy at work and see if something can change? Do you have a sympathetic HR dept?

Karbea Mon 25-Jul-11 10:32:38

No HR arent really that good tbh.

I know what you mean about being away no solving the problem, I think I just need a bit more space away to feel strong enough to actually deal with it all. I just feel emotionally weak, I'd just burst into tears if anyone spoke to me at the moment.

Ormirian Mon 25-Jul-11 10:34:14

sad Poor thing. I do sympathise.

Perhaps a few more weeks off and they think about contacting work?

tak1ngchances Mon 25-Jul-11 14:16:51

Karbea, I was off work for 7 weeks in April/May this year and I was absolutely terrified of going back.
However, I did two things that really helped: firstly, CBT to help address the anxieties I had around work and secondly, I had a phased return. So I worked 1 day from the office, then 2 a week, then 3, then 4. I am still doing one day a week from home. It's really been great.
To be honest, once I had had one day in the office then I felt a lot better and building up to a full time return meant that it wasn't too tiring & overwhelming.
I hope this helps.
TC x

ameliagrey Mon 25-Jul-11 19:58:48

What's causing your stress- personal issues or work issues?

In either case, you need to deal with the cause of your stress.

Counselling? CBT?

Your Gp can refer you for both.

sandripples Mon 25-Jul-11 21:42:49

If its work-related stress you do need to speak to your manager or to HR - they should really refer you to occupational health to provide support and HR should also advise you on how to start dealing with the issues. When you feel ready your employer might be able to talk through a stress risk assessment to help you and your manager idnentify what the stressors are for you, and how these could be managed.Some people find this process helpful in itself. Good luck.

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