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Severe cramps like period pain

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Empusa Mon 25-Jul-11 00:55:16

I've always suffered with bad ovulation pain, but recently the pain has got worse and more frequent.

My previous doctor sent me for an ultrasound which showed I have polycystic ovaries. Since then I've moved and my new doctor has told me it's normal pain and to just take painkillers. Bearing in mind I already take 6 cocodamol a day and 3 diclofenac, I don't feel that's helping.

I've been trying to think of other things that influence the pain, and have realised that every time DH and I have sex I get these cramps about an hour later. I get the cramps at other times as well though. So don't know if this relates at all?

Is it worth mentioning to the doctor? I always feel like a tit going to the doctor for period pain. And I worry they think I'm a hypochondriac the amount of problems I've had recently.

I'm in so much pain right now though sad

Pudding2be Mon 25-Jul-11 04:23:04

I suffer with really bad period pains, I have a few days each month where I have to take paracetamol and ibuprofen just to get through the day, but I think you are getting it worse than I do sad. Pregnancy has been a relief, I'm dreading once they start again.

I would keep going back, at the end if the day doctors don't know everything and they haven't got xray vision. For a doctor to tell you a consistent pain is normal us out of order, you must go back and get it sorted.

I once had three different docs tell me my appendicitis was an upset stomach blush After all they are only human

I hope you get it sorted soon

rosepicture Mon 25-Jul-11 18:25:25

I suffered from polycystic ovaries before falling pregnant with DD. I had pains quite often during the month which I believe were the cysts forming (i.e. eggs trying to emerge from the follicles and failing, and therefore forming the multiple cysts I ended up with). The pain wasn't as bad as you're describing in general, although there were a few occasions when I thought I was about to be sick from it.

Going on the pill is one option - this will theoretically stop you trying to ovulate and therefore stop the cysts forming.

However I solved the problem (as best as I could) through changes to my diet. I saw a nutritionist who worked it all through with me and it made a huge difference. I basically followed a diet plan recommended for people with PCOS (who are a subset of people with polycystic ovaries - if you have the latter you don't necessarily have PCOS) minus the weight loss side (I was already a healthy weight). It involved ensuring my blood sugar remained stable (it's all to do with insulin) and increasing the amount of phyoestrogens. It might be worth looking into this if you think it's the polycystic ovaries causing the pain.

And the pain is definitely not normal so make sure you also go back to the doctor - that's what they're there for!

HoneyDuke Mon 25-Jul-11 18:32:51

Is it both sides or just one side?

AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 25-Jul-11 19:25:38


Do mention it to the GP, do not put it down to ovulation pain either as such pain does not last as long.

Endometriosis is another distinct possibility here with regards to the pain experienced (and pain post sex). Infact any symptoms that are cyclical in nature and get worse up to and including the period should be checked further to see if endo is present.

I would go to the GP re this problem and at that time ask that person to refer you to a consultant gynaecologist. This is not normal at all particularly if you are taking 9 painkiller type tabs a day. Do not therefore feel like a tit for going to the GP re period pain - this is outside the norm for such things (and I speak as someone who was diagnosed with endo finally at age 31 - my endometriosis kicked in on starting menses at 14!). Many GPs as well are ignorant when it comes to such problems and give many women duff information.

You will need to be persistant in order to get answers and it is certainly in your interests not to be fobbed off.

(pudding2be - reading your post made me think of endometriosis as a possible cause for your problems as well. It is very much underdiagnosed).

AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 25-Jul-11 19:27:03

BTW I have PCOS as well and that condition did not cause me pain (it did causedmy periods to become very irregular and in my case ovulation did cease). It was the endometriosis that had me writhing about in agony.

Empusa Mon 25-Jul-11 21:46:04

Honeyduke I'm not 100% sure, I'd probably say more central than anything. Radiates right through my lower back. Usually makes me feel sick too.

I shall try and get a doctor's appointment tomorrow. Hopefully I can see a different GP.

I will try and speak to them about a nutritionist (I'm way way overweight) and about endometriosis. I'll probably take my DH in, he's more forthright than me.

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