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Concerned about symptoms I have been having recently

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AngryFeet Sun 24-Jul-11 14:32:17

I am generally a pretty healthy person and tend to get ill once a year at most. In the past few months I have been feeling more tired than usual though and am going to bed much earlier than I used to considering I am a night owl (I do get woken up once a night as Dd often climbs in with us but I am used to that).

A couple of months ago I had bad pelvic pain and there were increased White blood cells in my urine so I had a course of antibiotics which got rid of it. After that I found my periods which had become erratic started coming fortnightly. I also noticed a bit of pink blood two days after each period finished which lasted a day max each time.

Three weeks ago I started getting a sharpache deep in my left thigh in one spot which came and went every few days. Yesterday it became more constant and I realised that the pain seemed to be coming from my left lower back and spreading down the side of my hip to the front of my thigh and stopping at the point I was mainly feeling the pain. Since then my back itself is getting more and more painful and the stabbing pain in thethigh is still there. I struggled to get comfy last night and got little sleep. I am wearing a corset today which is helping a lot but I got a bit of pink when I wiped on the loo earlier.

Starting to get a bit freaked out as my dad was told by a psychic recently that someone in his family has cancer. She told him some other true stuff too.

I am a bit of a hypochondriac which doesn't help. Any ideas?

StealthPolarBear Sun 24-Jul-11 14:37:40

I think you need to go back to your doctor and talk about all the symptoms together. If there is anything wrong (and I am not medical so don't have a clue) then you can be treated, if there isn't or it's minor your mental health will be hugely improved through stopping worrying!

Psychics are crap btw - I wonder what % of the average population has "someone in their family" with cancer. I certainly do, would imagine most people do! So don't worry too much about that but do get checjed out

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