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My cervical smear test came abnormal..[sad]

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crispyseaweed Sat 23-Jul-11 20:12:23

I have to go back and visit the Colposcopy clininc for further investigation and maybe treatment. My abnormal cells are CN1 which is mild but am bit worried.
Had anyone any advice or had the same.

TubbyDuffs Sat 23-Jul-11 20:14:28

Yes I had to go to the colposcopy clinic once, and then the results came back ok, so didn't need to have any treatment. I just had to have more regular smears until I had about 3 normal results.

They are just having a better look, there really is nothing to worry about at this stage.

nineyearoldsarerude Sat 23-Jul-11 20:16:22

I had treatment for slightly more abnormality (CIN 2/3) about ten years ago. That was fine and have been okay since............until just now and have just had to have another colposcopy and might need treatment again if the smear is still not quite right. It is a pain in the neck but I have stopped stressing (for the most part) as at least they are good at keeping an eye on these things.

crispyseaweed Sat 23-Jul-11 20:49:36

Ah ok, well thank u fok for some reassuring advice..
. . . However, if I need treatment, what do they do?
do they laser the abnormal cells off the cervix?
Does it hurt?

mel2005 Sat 23-Jul-11 22:06:14

i had treatment and it didnt hurt, its usually 20 mins including consultation (taking medical history etc) i was in for an hour but i had severe and it turned out to be cancer, you said yours are cn1 and they are just mild changes. i really wouldnt worry, they will look to see if they need removing but they sometimes just monitor you and it can go away on its own. if they dont you have to have treatment to prevent them possibly becoming cancerous.
anyway i had an electrical loop? it didnt hurt at all and then they seal the area with a lazer and it didnt smell like some of my friends said it would. its like having a smear really but she has a big microscope. honestly its fine and you can watch it on the tv screen if you want to, the nurse said about 40% of people dont go when refered to the clinic after having an adnormal scan and praised me for booking mine as soon as i got the letter, if i had left it i dread to think what might have happened if i had chickened out of going (and i was tempted).

nineyearoldsarerude Sat 23-Jul-11 22:45:09

I agree, it doesn't hurt so no worries on that count!

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