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Long term anal fissure.....anyone fixed theirs?

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urgentadviceneeded Sat 23-Jul-11 07:51:46

I have had an anal fissure since my baby was born - DD is now approaching 10 months old :-(

Tried pretty much everything - changed diet, lactulose, laxatives and now GTN. It can heal, but will always tear again within a couple of days. Worse pain ever.

I have an appointment with a consultant shortly and just wondered i) if there is anything else I can try as a last ditch attempt to heal before then (I'd really like to avoid surgery) and ii) whether anyone out there has managed to heal after such a long period?

If he/she does recommend an op does it provide instant relief?

nightcat Sat 23-Jul-11 14:32:10

Not the same scenario, but my ds had frequent fissures (with lots of blood coming out) before we realised he was zinc deficient. Zn deficiency is linked with difficult to heal skin lesions and prone to damage tissue generally.
One of the reasons he was Zn def was that he was too high in copper. Then we went gluten-free as he had other health problems that seemed to point that way. We added zn supplement plus some other occasional vits and he had never had a fissure since, neither he is constipated (but still gluten free).

wicketkeeper Sat 23-Jul-11 21:28:59

I had an operation to fix mine - worked a treat, so don't worry too much about going down that route. It was a little tender for a day or two after, but drink plenty, eat lots of fruit/veg and fibre to keep things loose. I would avoid laxatives as they tend to make things happen a bit too forcefully. Good luck, hope you get it fixed. Don't give up!!

meala Sun 24-Jul-11 10:14:21

Moist toilet roll always. Tea tree oil mixed with ky jelly is really soothing. Witch hazel worked too to soothe. Hope you get back to normal soon.

ObviouslyOblivious Sun 24-Jul-11 10:20:08

Eat 3-5 dried apricots a day. If I forget to do this I always end up suffering again. And moist toilet tissue. Good luck!

Meglet Sun 24-Jul-11 10:20:19

I've had one for 4 years after being constipated following my EMCS. They have offered me botox for it, but there is a risk of incontinence sad. That's something I can't risk as I have to work. I've never been constipated since but have IBS and maybe Crohns so go to the loo all the time. The hospital are going to check for Crohns, hopefully will get it done this Autumn.

Therefore I am taking the entirely sensible option and eating far, far less. Um... it's saving money and I can fit into all my pre-DC clothes, I also have a much cleaner kitchen hmm. I am getting ratty, skinny and tired, but I think the fissure might be on the mend.

urgentadviceneeded Sun 24-Jul-11 17:41:36

Thanks all - I'll keep trying different things until I see the consultant. I know I'm not alone - I just don't understand why, in two sets of ante natal classes, no one suggested this could be a problem post childbirth and recommended eating accordingly. I guess I'll know for next time!

I am far enough away from the birth now to be embarrassed about consultants etc examining me again but I guess I'm just going to have to get over that.

Aonach Mon 25-Jul-11 21:41:55

I also developed one following EMCS (nearly 2 years ago) and the lovely iron therapy induced constipation afterwards. High fibre diet and movicol helped really well for first few months but whenever I stopped taking it even for a few days I would feel the pain again. I luckily don't get spasms while trying to poo, just pain and small amounts of blood. For last 8 or so months I have found high fibre diet and fybogel effective and I have resigned myself that I will need to take this long term. Fybogel is concentrated soluble fibre which bulks and softens stools, just like fibre in fruit, veg and oats, so it's very gentle. You mix it with water, it's not the nicest drink but better than tearing again.

On occasion when I have been very constipated applying pressure throughout a wad of toilet paper helps me to open my bowels. Have also read that squatting or sitting on a potty helps as this position helps open you bowel more effectively.

Like you urgent no one ever mentioned this could happen and even in my job as a health professional I have never encountered anyone suffering from one. Glad I found this post as until now I have felt quite alone and it not something I have discussed with anyone except my hubbie.

Good luck at your appointment.

urgentadviceneeded Tue 26-Jul-11 09:36:12

Thanks Aonach - I def think that high fibre helps. I haven't tried Fybogel so will look into that. Sorry to hear that you haven't discussed this with anyone in RL outside the family. I don't know if that means you haven't seen a GP (maybe you are one?!?) but I would definitely recommend that - mine had some good suggestions for the pain.

No one mentioned fissures to me before birth - but I have been amazed at how many people have had the condition when I've talked about it since. Loads of ante natal friends etc, although not long term. We are definitely not alone!

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