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If you have IBS can you tell me how you manage it?

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neepsntatties Fri 22-Jul-11 23:38:39

I think I have some sort if IBS. I go through periods where each night I get tummy cramps, bad wind, feel constipated a lot and get bad headaches. I have stopped drinking coffee, cut back on wheat, changed to soya milk etc. I am still suffering though and I don't know what else to do.

I am really fed up, please help!

Littlefish Fri 22-Jul-11 23:43:39

When mine was really bad, I took liquid aloe vera gel every day for about 6 months. It tastes pretty bad, but after abou 3 weeks, my symptoms had all but disappeared. Now, I only take it when I am going though stressful periods at work.

What are your stress levels like?

neepsntatties Sat 23-Jul-11 04:29:13

Where did you get it from?

I am a bit stressed about returning to work in August after having Dd. Also I am not getting much sleep right now which probably doesn't help.

Littlefish Sat 23-Jul-11 11:53:35

You can get it from most health food stores. Alternatively you can buy it online. I used the "Forever Living" one in the yellow bottle. it wasn't cheap - about £18 per bottle, but it was definitely worth it for the improvement in my symptoms.

it's possible that your headaches are a side effect of the constipation. Are you driking enough water? Have you been to see your GP?

Now that my symptoms are usually under control, I take either buscopan or colofac, both of which are available over the counter, if I'm going out for a meal which I suspect will affect me. The worst culprit is curry, and I think it's because of the fat in the food, rather than the spices.

Littlefish Sat 23-Jul-11 11:54:55

I also meant to say that mine was at it's worst in the year following dd's birth. Probably because I was more stressed and exhausted thn at any other time in my life!

ChickensHaveNoEyebrows Sat 23-Jul-11 11:56:16

I use colpramin, which you can buy over the counter. It's basically peppermint oil in a capsule and is the only thing which eases my symptoms.

MaryBS Sat 23-Jul-11 11:56:38

I've stopped eating wheat altogether. Not got a firm diagnosis of what is wrong, but the colpermin peppermint oil capsules help when you get the cramps/bloating.

pengymum Sat 23-Jul-11 12:00:12

Colpermin is good for me - get capsules over counter, don't know if can be prescribed. Is peppermint oil basically.
Also recommended is drinking peppermint tea. But don't really like it myself.
Chocolate sets me off bigtime these days. sad

MaryBS Sat 23-Jul-11 12:15:24

Yes it can be prescribed. My Dr prescribed 84 tablets at a time. A LOT cheaper than buying over the counter!

issynoko Sat 23-Jul-11 12:16:41

I use peppermint oil capsules and they work very well for me.

Conflugenglugen Sat 23-Jul-11 12:18:01

neeps - first of all, have you been to your gp? I would do that first, just to be on the safe side. Self-diagnosis is never a great idea.

Then, if it is IBS, he or she can recommend something. You can either go the naturopathic route - i.e. peppermint or linseed; or try something like Colofac (mebeverine).

I have IBS - had it for over 20 years now - and lots of water and dietary changes - and exercise (very important) - can make a substantial difference.

TinkerLily Sat 23-Jul-11 17:01:07

I have been taking mebeverine hydrochloride for a year or so now to ease my IBS and it really makes a big difference. I still have some discomfort from time to time but nothing like before. I haven't had any issues taking it for this length of time and my research hasnt shown it to be linked to any adverse events to cause concern.

larakitten Sat 23-Jul-11 20:16:45

Have you been formally diagnosed by your gp? I ask because when I presented to my GP with similar symptoms to you, I had to undergo various tests to exclude anything else....this included stool samples, blood samples and a colonoscopy. IBS can really only be confirmed by excluding everything else.

If you have a diagnosis, then yes, peppermint is excellent. I drink peppermint tea, and use Colpermin to help when it's really bad. I have been under a huge amount of stress of late, causing new and unusual symptoms for me, so bloods and stool sample all repeated. All was normal, so I'm on Buscopan to try and ease the spasm that causes the pain.

I would also recommend monitoring your diet to find out what your triggers might be. I know if I eat crap greasy, unhealthy stuff like a takeaway, or even a pack of Pringles, I will pay for it the next day. Even eating later on in the evening, say after 8pm can set off my symptoms.

I would see your GP if you haven't already, if only to rule out anything else and obtain a firm diagnosis.

aubergine70 Sat 23-Jul-11 20:28:41

Stress, dehydration (even slight) and high fibre cereals set me off. I do my best to avoid those but on bad days resort to Buscopan which normally eases the pain.

MynameisnotEarl Sat 23-Jul-11 20:35:03

Over the years I tried cutting out foods, taking prescribed mebeverine, aloe vera, pepermint oil - all the usual remedies with very limited success.

I finally found that eating linseeds - either sprinkled on my food or in bread - and eating good quality bio yogurt regularly has really helped. To the extent that I get no bloating or pain now (and I had this every evening previously).

After such a long time suffering from IBS (since I was a toddler) it's been a massive relief.

kingbeat23 Sat 23-Jul-11 20:41:29

I've had it for years. I now manage it by noticing the things that set it off. For me it is insoluable fibre. Peas, beans, anything legume that has a husk really. I can eat a small amount of them, but did notice that the cramps would be back with a vengance if I eat them in any quantity.

I also can't drink peppermint tea, makes me cramp something awful, any more than 2 cups of coffee and I'm gone.

Times of the month are worse than others, the week before my period comes I won't go for a week and bloat to the size of a house....I can time my periods by my bowel movements (ah, the joys of internet anonyminity(sp?) ) but it has been a learning experience over the years of what I can and can't eat

neepsntatties Mon 25-Jul-11 22:00:40

Thank you for all your replies. Sorry it has taken so long to get back on the thread.

I have been to the Dr a couple of times but they haven't been very helpful. They have mentioned IBS but not diagnosed. They have said things like go to the toilet more which really isn't much use.

I have bought some peppermint capsules from Holland and Barret today and I have no symptoms. My symptoms can disappear though so could be a coincidence but I will stick with it and see how it goes.

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