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My hair is falling out!

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LollipopViolet Fri 22-Jul-11 21:24:22

I'm 21 years old, healthy, not on any medication. But every time I brush, wash, or even run a hand through my hair, a LOT is coming away. My hairdresser thought it might be because it needed cutting, but we did that and there's no improvement.

What can cause this? I'm really quite upset about it and am considering seeing my GP. But it seems such a stupid thing to see a doctor about...

DialMforMummy Fri 22-Jul-11 21:47:09

Hair loss can be caused by stress. Could supplements (Holland&Barret type) help?
I also know that there is a type of fungi that can cause hair loss. In my case, it was stress.

DialMforMummy Fri 22-Jul-11 21:47:49

I'd see a doctor, what is the worse that can happen?

KilledBill Sat 23-Jul-11 08:21:01

Cutting your hair will make no difference if it is falling from the root. There are a few causes - main ones -

Stress. Stress affects the hair around 3 months after the event because of hair cycles, so if you were very stressed 3 months ago, and recently, that will be the most likely cause.

Pregnancy and childbirth - Have you got DC's? Have you had one recently? Its normal and common for hair to thin when pregnant or after birth.

Sounds obvious but hair care - do you dye it? have you dyed it recently? If not check the brushes you use, shampoo etc, and check there isnt a problem with the scalp itself.

Lastly - deficiencies. A very common cause of hair loss is folate aneamia. Ive had it and I was sceptical, within two weeks of taking prescription folate my hair stopped falling out (and my nails grew very long!) Your doctor can give you this after a blood test or you could try over the counter folic acid. Personally only the prescription stuff does the job for me, but worth trying.

LollipopViolet Sat 23-Jul-11 20:11:18

Thanks everyone. I've not got DC's but have been under a lot of stress for a while with university work. I did dye it, but haven't for about 3 months. Will see if it eases up and then if not, I'll see a doctor, might well be a deficiency that I was unaware of smile

debinaboat Sat 23-Jul-11 22:15:17

my hair thinned out a lot when i developed an underactive out for weight gain and tiredness.

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