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bone marrow donation

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HoneyDuke Fri 22-Jul-11 12:43:03

I've done the further blood tests after called up as a possible bone marrow match, and I am a complete match and will be able to donate! No time scale yet. Feeling pleased and humbled that I will be able to help someone, but also fairly apprensive and scared.

Anyone got any experiences they can share?

Lindax Fri 22-Jul-11 14:37:35

My brother received a done marrow donation (from another brother) 8 years ago and it saved his life. Well done for donating smile

freelancescientist Fri 22-Jul-11 17:53:49

Oh, great news! My OH donated stem cells about 3 yrs ago. He had a medical first (at UCH, London). Then about 3 weeks later he had some injections (once a day for 4-5 days, someone came to the house to do them). The next day we went to UCH again and went on an apheresis machine for the day. And that was it. He felt a bit fluey from the jabs but was back at work the next day. We got all travel paid for and 2 nights in a hotel.
PM me if you have any more Qs and I'll ask him. Oh, and he got a badge and a free memory stick.

IntotheNittyGritty Sat 23-Jul-11 01:35:04

THis is great news. There will be a happy family somewhere that is being given the chance of their loved one being saved.

If only more people would offer to donate marrow as well as blood, there would be thousands/millions more cancer sufferers who could have their life extended. In the UK alone there are more than 60 million people. If only half donated it would be fantastic.

Well done for being a volunteer.

Can I ask, how long did it take for the initial blood test to results, and how many tests did you have?

HoneyDuke Sat 23-Jul-11 08:26:49

Six weeks from blood tests to results, they took 11 vials.

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