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Anyone getting indigestion with IBS?

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catx2 Thu 21-Jul-11 17:19:19

My Ibs was diagnosed 10 years ago. It has been quite bad for the last few months and I have also experienced indigestion. Lots of belching, feeling uncomfortable in tummy and a bit nauseus. No burning or sour taste in throat/ mouth though.
My GP prescibed me Omeprazole but now I have got constipated. I have always had a problem with constipation. Is it really that good to take something that reduces acid and slows digestion if you have problems with constipation? GP suggested I try Ranitidine instead but I'm suspicious about it too.
I have been refered to the Gastro team but app not until October.
I also have a hernia about an inch above my belly button. GP said it could be a reason for the indigestion but as it is soft and pushes back in he didn't think it could be causing all the problems.
Grateful for any thoughts or experiences of anything similar.

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