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After gall bladder removal/after Pancreatitis

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alwaysme Tue 19-Jul-11 15:05:20

I had an infected gall bladder removed in May, a week later I was back in hospital with Pancreatitis.

Apparently the bile duct had not been checked and there were three stones lodged which were eventually removed by ERCP. Was told that they had been there all along and my liver readings were off the scale whatever that means. So, I thought finally sorted, no such luck.

I can now eat without pain but, I get the most odd sensation in the top of my stomach after eating, exactly where the pancreatic pain used to be. It feels like it contracts, sometimes three times in quick succession. Not painful but sometimes really uncomfortable.

Doctor thinks it is some kind of billiary colic caused by all the trauma and I have been taking Omeprazole for a month which hasn't made the slightest difference. To me it feels like something is trying to be ejected.

Before I go back to the doctor yet again has anyone ever had anything like this.

sushibabe Wed 20-Jul-11 13:31:27

Yes ! Me!!! When i was 19 had my GB removed but had similar experience i have had repeat episodes of stones stuck :/ Only 5 years ago i had 2x ERCP which seems to have sorted me out now fingers crossed I had the colicy pains/ sensation for a few months after too. Must say i can't remember when they stopped but they have. Very occasionally i might get a hint of it but usually just one off if ive had something very heavy and fatty to eat.
My doc suggested that i have stones sometimes still passing through but probably alot smaller and hence no pain as such just feels a bit odd if the bile demand is very high and liver clears out a load of bile to deal with it a few stones get swept along with it.....hope that makes some semblance of sense to you!

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