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Looking at having a dental implant, what questions do I need to ask, any advice/tips etc.?

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cherryboomboom Tue 19-Jul-11 10:03:57

I have been thinking of getting an implant for some time now (but have been to scared to actually go ahead with it), but my denture has just broke (again) and I think I now need to just do it!

They do implants at my dental practice and I believe that someone comes in to do them. What I need to know is what sort of questions do I need to ask?

I am 34 and have had my tooth missing (one next to front tooth) for aprox 12 years - don't know if any of this makes a difference to healing, bone density etc. so thought I would include for some extra info! I am also in oxford.

If anyone else had been through this would love to hear your story too!

alwaysme Tue 19-Jul-11 15:37:48

Hope I can help a little bit smile

I had 6 implants done seven years ago. Took me forever to pluck up the courage but so glad I finally did. I had mine done under sedation, you could ask if they offer that option.

The most important thing to find out is if the dentist doing it is really competent at implant surgery. I did read some horror stories before I had mine done which nearly put me off!

Bone density is very important but that will be revealed by xray. My teeth had been missing for longer than yours and actually makes no difference to overall bone density. Where the tooth is removed new bone grows into the space left, so fingers crossed for one tooth it will be fine.

It is quite a long process and it was five months before I had the final crowns fitted. Mine were all at the back so not so bad, I think if at the front they will fit you up with something so you don't have a gap all that time. One tip I was given is that Vit C increases blood flow to the gums which helps with bone growth around the implant. Might have been coincidence but I was ready for teeth to be fitted a good month before dentist thought I would be.

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