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Severe Wind Pains at 7 months

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gailst Mon 18-Jul-11 21:50:13

My DD has started waking at night with severe pains which I am sure is from wind, she used to sleep through, although was quite refluxy as a little baby but now wakes 4 or more times in the night screaming, I've tried cutting various suspects out of her diet, including dairy, 'windy foods' and lentils etc but no real change. It just seems to be getting worse. Could this be something more serious than wind? Does anyone have any experience of it at this age? Its been about a month now and we're getting quite desperate.
She has no signs of teething and it is because she brings her legs up that I think its wind. Also Gripe Water seems to not help at all.

mamagem Mon 18-Jul-11 22:43:46

Hi, my little boy was the same, really windy from about six months. Put gripe water in his bottles which helped. I also warmed up teatowels in the microwave for ten seconds and held them against his tummy. Cool boiled water also helps.

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