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Pancreatitis/ Gallbladder removal

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DizzyCow63 Mon 18-Jul-11 18:43:20

Firstly let me apologise as I'm typing this on my phone in hospital so might not make much sense!

I was rushed to hospital yesterday with severe abdominal pains, which blood tests showed to be acute pancreatitis, a scan today has shown I have gallstones, which the consultant tells me is the cause of the pancreatitis.

They have said I will have to have gallbladder removed sooner rather than later to prevent future flare-ups of the pancreatitis but have to have an MRI scan first, I think this is to check something about my liver but not entirely sure.

Just wanted to hear from anyone who has been through the same, what was recovery time like after surgery etc? A friend mentioned I may have to avoid certain foods once gallbladder is removed, is this true?

Am feeling very anxious to get home to DS1 (13wks) as have never left him before and am missing him like mad.

paddypoopants Mon 18-Jul-11 18:49:57

I had my gall bladder removed 14 years ago, although I didn't have pancreatitis. The operation was quick and recovery was easy. I was in less than 24 hours and back to normal in a week.- I didn't even have to finish the course of painkillers they gave me. I haven't had any problems with any food at all and wasn't told to avoid anything- unlike when my gall bladder was causing me problems and I basically couldn't eat anything with fat in it which was a complete bugger. Good luck.

nomadwantshome Mon 18-Jul-11 20:24:14

Had mine removed a month ago via key hole. Recovered in less than two weeks. You don't have to avoid anything after. It's fairly straight forward but I'm not sure about pancreatitus

midnightisaplace Mon 18-Jul-11 20:31:29

Just had MRI scan today because of same. Was in hospital last week for three nights. I don't think I had pancreatitis although they were worried about very high liver function tests. My ALT (whatever that is) was 1400 and it should normally be about 40.
I hated being in hospital as I have a little one of 22 months and that was the longest I had ever been without him. I'm hoping that when it comes to the operation it won't involve a hospital stay.
Not sure when I will get my gallladder out as consultant mentioned something about needing to wait until the infection had died down. Until I get it out I intend to follow advice I found on the internet not to eat anything with more than 5% fat. It's amazing how easy dieting is when you have pain to motivate you!

Neverlandpirate Mon 18-Jul-11 20:33:48

You will most likely find that the drs will want you to recover from the pancreatitis first before they remove your gall bladder, unless that is you have a stone which is completely blocking your bile duct which would need the stone to be removed first.

If you have stones that are blocking your ducts you may need to have a procedure called an ERCP to remove the stones. Once your pancreatitis has resolved you will be sent home to have your gall bladder removed as an outpatient after a few months.

I am an ICU nurse who regularly nurses patients with pancreatitis, so if you want any other info just ask. I also have had my gall bladder removed recently via keyhole so I know whatbit is like to be a patient too.

Hope you getting lots of pain relief and support, you wil be back home soon.

PUMBA Mon 18-Jul-11 23:53:52

Hi my daughter who is ten had her gall bladder out last week due to gall stones one week on she is bouncing around like nothing happened ! Xx

Metalhead Tue 19-Jul-11 11:27:27

I had my gallbladder removed six years ago. I had the op abroad so hospital policy here might be slightly different, but I went in Friday and came home Monday morning. The day and first night after the op I was in quite a bit of pain and definitely needed hospital-strength pain relief, but after that things improved quite quickly. I think I was back out partying two weeks later...

Not had any problems with food since and wasnt told to avoid anything in particular.

Bearskinwoolies Tue 19-Jul-11 13:04:50

I had my gall bladder op in 2007, had the op on the weds afternoon and was out on the friday evening. However, a stone had been dislodged during the op and got wedged in the bile duct causing pancreatitis, and I was readmitted on the sunday for a week.

I found the op itself easy to recover from; but I do stick to an ultra low fat diet as the pancreatitis tends to flare up otherwise. The majority of people don't have any after effects and recover well ( there is a small percentage who do have problems after though).

Enjoy the pain meds while they last - I had some interesting hallucinations smile

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