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Intergestion type pain

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NickNacks Sun 17-Jul-11 21:47:32

For a while now i've been getting an intergestion sort of pain late in the evenings and sometimes during the night. Last night i couldn't sleep at all. Eventually fell asleep sitting up at 6am. Gaviscon doesn't touch it.

Any ideas what i can do or what it might be?

HappyDoll Sun 17-Jul-11 21:49:40

Do you mean indegestion?

Maybe it's trapped wind?

FortiesCromarty Sun 17-Jul-11 21:52:01

Could be gallstones, best to have a chat with your GP.

NickNacks Sun 17-Jul-11 21:52:45

Yes i did- sorry.

Trapped wind, maybe, but i have no feeling of needing to burp (or anything else!) smile

Is there anything i could take if it is trapped wind?

NickNacks Sun 17-Jul-11 21:54:03

gallstones? Ah no! This seems to be the 'thing' in my family at the mo!

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