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Blocked duct. Stopped breastfeeding 8 days ago

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ShuckingFattered Sun 17-Jul-11 20:48:41

I stopped feeding my dd (10 month) 8 days ago. I cut out feeds gradually so my milk supply would reduce. My left breast has been absolutely fine but for some reason my right breast hbecame quite engorged and is still really painful. It feels like there is a large lump in my breast and it's almost unbearable to touch. I don't feel unwell and there is no redness so I assume it's not mastitis. So is it a blocked duct? If it is how do I deal with it? I was always rubbish at expressing but have tried to hand express which does make it feel better temporarily. Should I go to the gp or try to deal with it at home. I was lucky when feeding that I didn't have any problems so this is a bit of a shock!

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