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Stopped smoking and rapidly getting fatter....

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Twosugarsplease Sat 16-Jul-11 16:44:29

can anyone pleeeease help ? My ds is now 23 mth, so it's not baby weight I'm trying to shift, I stopped smoking last November and suddenly the weight has crept up and splattered itself all over me ! I've always been slim, even after having my babies, I'm only 5th 2inches so going to look like a balloon if I don't take control quickly. trying to be healthy too but most of the time eating on the go as my ds keeps me so busy I turn to the quick fix foods...not good I know.I feel like popping out for a packet of it's those I am over eating for as a replacement. I felt better smoking, now i feel heavy and breathless because of my weight gain... has anyone any tips on how they kept slim after they gave up ? x

Kaelle Sun 17-Jul-11 08:11:40

tSP. Congrats!! Keep w it! I finally quit when no 2 was 2yrs. That was 9 yrs ago, and it was and still remains one of my biggest achievements!! There's so much help out there for you, so reach out! Hypnotherapy is one...but I wouldn't go on a diet or anything, just keep telling yourself that u don't want to replace one bad habit w another. Try for instance, just one day at a time, ONLY eating at mealtimes, then consciously sit on your bed at the end of the day and congratulate yourself! No smoking, no snacking. Sounds like AA, but it's all in your mind so try to do what your mind needs to be stronger...make sense? Sounds fluffy when I reread , but it does keep u going! Good luck!

iwantavuvezela Sun 17-Jul-11 08:23:25

I feel your pain! gave up abaout 4 months ago and have felt much heavier around the middle. I have consciously stopped all cakes/pastries etc during the week, and other types of snacks i kept eating. I am finding keeping the freezer filled with those little fruit lollies useful, they are quite low on calories and i use them when i feel the need to eat! I had to relook at my diet and although not changing what i eat for meals have had to become conscious of everything in between!
good luck

lubeybooby Sun 17-Jul-11 09:29:20

I always have this problem with quitting, last time I managed to get the scales going in the right direction again by doing the shred dvd every day so no restriction of eating

I would also consider low carbing so you can nibble on as much protein as you like while still losing

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