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What can I do about his rash?

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NearlyHeadlessnickelbabe Sat 16-Jul-11 13:04:06

I've got a rash on my legs.

really annoyingly, it started the other day, and i put germolene on it, thinking it was just dry skin (it was a bit red and itchy to start with, on the front of my right shin)
now it's still on that shin (but looks like it's fading), and also on the left shin at the front, and all the way roudn the back.
it's also a little tiny patch on the inside of my left knee (not where the knees touch, though)

It's really red and itchy.
I have put germolene on - last night I used eurax, but then read the label that said i shouldn't use it in pregnancy, so i've not used that today.

Is it a pregnancy thing?
or is it because I ran out of my usual moisturiser (vaseline intensive care) and started to use the Johnson's baby lotion we had spare (might be out of date)?
I have now got some vaseline stuff, but only got it yesterday, so started using it again today.

I can't get to the doctor until at least monday, because of it being the weekend (i couldn't go yesterday because my cover for the shop was away).

and i can't use anti-histamines, either can I?
am i okay to carry on with my germolene thing?

I might just be sounding out loud, really, i know there's nothing much i can do, but it really itches! sad

sparklingchampagne Sat 16-Jul-11 19:49:58

How pregnant are you? I got a really really itchy rash on my legs at 39 weeks with DD, went to docs, who sent me to the hospital - and it turned out it was an allergy common late in pregnancy.
I was given piriton to take - so maybe tomorrow pop into Boots and just check with the pharmacist - the Piriton certainly worked for me, but not sure if you can take it earlier on.

NearlyHeadlessnickelbabe Mon 18-Jul-11 11:22:22

21 weeks now.
I was hoping it wasn't to do with the pregnacy...

I've just spoken to the doctor's reception, and they're booking way ahead because one of the doctors was ill all last week and they've had to move all her appointments.
I explained that I was pregnant, and the duty doctor is going to ring me as a triage at lunchtime.

I never realised the phrase "i'm pregnant" could be a magic pass to speak to someone.... grin

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