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Seborrhoeic Dermatitis

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KurriKurri Sat 16-Jul-11 10:01:48

I am currently having a bad outbreak of this, round my nose and on my chin.
The GP has given me an anti fungal cream (daktarin gold) - which I've been using, but my face feels worse, it looks redder and is sore and itchy. I know thats normal for SD, but I wondered if I might be allergic to the cream?

Should I keep using it? - I can't get to a doctor until Tuesday.

What can I put on my face to make it less red and sore looking.?

My DD's graduation is on Monday - I am going to look all red and inflamed sad - help.


KurriKurri Sat 16-Jul-11 17:34:14

hopeful bump.

Bearcat Sat 16-Jul-11 20:43:52

Buy some Nizoral shampoo and use it as a face wash.
When i used to get in the shower, this would be the first thing I would do so that it would be on my face for 3-4 minutes before I rinsed it off
Was recommended this several years ago by a dermatologist and it cleared up my very dry flaky skin on my face.
Sometimes now, if I ever find my skin getting a bit dry between my eyes I use this regime, and this is hardly ever these days
Enjoy the graduation, did this lat year for DS1.We were so proud!

KurriKurri Sat 16-Jul-11 20:57:32

bless you for answering Bearcat smile - I will get some tomorrow and give it a go.

Fibreoptic Sun 17-Jul-11 07:13:53

you can also try SkinSalveations shampoo.Its very mild,actually for eczema sufferers but absolutely great.Been using it as a a face wash for years,my husband started their skincare program and I just discovered when showering the shampoo is just an ideal bodywash.

Bearcat Sun 17-Jul-11 07:53:53

Kurri, sure you realise this, but mix the Nizoral with water in your hands before putting on your face, so its a bit bubbly and soapy.

acumenin Sun 17-Jul-11 08:20:09

Sebho is cradle cap, btw, if that's useful for getting together some more information.

Nizoral is an antifungal--it's ketoconazole whereas your doc has given you miconazole. Daktarin is just the antifungal - to reduce the inflammation as well you'd need hydrocortisone. The name of that one is Daktacort but should only be used as a temporary measure. Ask your pharmacist - it may be an OTC.

PS I am not a doctor obv.

KurriKurri Sun 17-Jul-11 10:41:31

Thank you all for your suggestions, - I'm off to the chemist very soon, and will stock up. Fibreoptic - that stuff sounds good - just had a browse round the website,and I'll ask the pharmacist about Nizoral and hydrocortisone.

In desperation last night I put savlon on it because it was so sore, and it is much less sore this morning but still very red.

Oh well - maybe it won't show in the photos <whistles in the dark> grin

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