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Hot, shaky... hypo??

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onestepforward Fri 15-Jul-11 21:32:37

Bit confused/concerned. Thought why not ask here!

Today a couple of hours after lunch I got suddenly really hot and shaky and had to eat quickly. I've had being shaky before when I've not eaten for ages (think everyone has that) but this was just like I had when I had to take insulin when I was pregnant and diagnosed with gestational diabetes (I actually used to enjoy this when it happened back then as I could eat chocolate!!) and I had thought that was hypoglycemia caused by too much insulin and not eating quick enough.

Not sure if I did have GD as 6 weeks after having DD had to have gall bladder removed and was told the stones may well have been blocking my pancreas/insulin.

So does this sound normal? Can everyone have these episodes occasionally? Or does it mean I might now be 'hypoglycemic' iyswim? I think I also have some other kind of bug/digestive thing going on over the past few days so maybe it is related.

Maybe it's more like hypercondria blush

HeyYouJimmy Fri 15-Jul-11 22:12:12

Didn't want to read and run, but just to let you know my DH has these sugar-level slumps and has to have something/anything to eat when he gets like this.
What he has found though, is (in the morning) eating a huge bowl of porridge oats (do not cook) with whatever milk you like and put some honey and banana in it to help keep blood-sugar levels a bit more stable.
The porridge may also help lower cholesterol levels and keep you regular.

HTH smile

hiddenhome Fri 15-Jul-11 22:13:56

I suffer from hypoglycaemia, but if you cut out as much sugar as you can from your diet it does get it under control. Fruit sugars are okay, but no refined sugar. You need to eat wholegrain bread as well - in small amounts. Pasta, rice and oat based foods are fine.

HeyYouJimmy Fri 15-Jul-11 22:17:59

Meant to ask if you like probiotic yoghurts? I've found they help my digestive system as I have a dodgy stomach due to use of more harsh anti-inflammatories over the years for back pain.

madonnawhore Fri 15-Jul-11 22:39:14

I get this quite a lot. It's freaky and comes on really quickly. It once happened to me on a bus and I was about 40 mins from home. Got to my house drenched in sweat and about to pass out, and ate almost an entire loaf of bread before I'd even taken my coat off.

I went to the GP about it because I have a family history of diabetes, but she said it was really common in slim women and that I needed to make sure I ate breakfast (which I was bad at doing) and carry a mars bar with me at all times!

I'm much more careful about eating little and often now so it hasn't happened for ages.

If you have had insulin issues in the past then you should probably get checked out to be on the safe side.

onestepforward Fri 15-Jul-11 23:14:16

Thanks for the replies. I am fairly skinny so a bit reassured by your post in particular Madonna. I always eat breakfast (usually porridge but cooked) and rarely go long without eating! Have been feeling starving for the past few days though oddly.

I ate 3 scones with jam when I felt funny so probably not the best move in terms of reducing intake of processed sugars!

So glad I got a few replies I feel much less like a freak (and less concerned my pancreas is about implode or something?!).

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