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CS scar pain... TMI alert. Coil??

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flooziesusie Fri 15-Jul-11 14:53:15

I had the copper coil fitted just over 3 weeks ago. It wasn't fun. Had my comeoffthepill bleed within a day or so.

For the last 10 days I have been having really uncomfortable pains around the same area as my cs scar (5 years ago). There is also discharge, pretty harmless looking but LOTS of it, trace of blood in some of it., clear and cloudy. I'm also getting bad pressure pains when I need a wee, or poo or for that matter a fart... all around my scar and back.

Last night, DD2 caught me in the lower belly with in a full body slam (I was reading) and the pain was of a 'white poker' style! Hurt for about 2 hours. Spoke to the doctors, made an appointment for next week (the doctor who did the proceedure is on holiday so couldn't talk to her). Told to go to the emergency gyne unit if the pain gets too much.

Can anyone help with calming me down? I'm really worried about it, and not one to make a fuss...

How would a perforation show it's self?

Thanks in advance!

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