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Is there a bug repellant product which will help prevent DD3 getting bitten overnight?

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HauntedLittleLunatic Thu 14-Jul-11 22:28:52


insects (presumably mosquito's or flies of some kind?) appear to find DD3 very tasty.

Some mornings she wakes up literally covered in bites. When she gets bitten she will have a minimum of 6 bites - to the point when it looks like she has chicken pox. Often this occurs on a hot evening when I have left windows open and one of DTDs has left the landing light on. DD3's light is also left on low overnight. Sometimes it is not associated with windows open.

Is there a product I can get which can be left in her room which will permanently repel the blighters? I am thinking of something a little like those electric plug in tablet vapouriser things you use abroad but that can be used every night as a preventative measure.

AKMD Fri 15-Jul-11 11:46:26

I would go with the plug-in too. I used to live in Florence and the mosquitoes there are vicious - I used to wake up covered in bites until I got a plug-in. I would recommend the Boots one (my mum sent that one to me).

If your DD has any chest complaints though or is very young, I would invest in a mosquito net instead. I'm sure she would love the 'princess canopy' effect it would give too!

HauntedLittleLunatic Fri 15-Jul-11 21:50:56

Is that the only option? I was hoping for something which I didn't have to replace the tablets every day as that will cost me a fortune.

AKMD Mon 18-Jul-11 09:17:12

They aren't particularly expensive - the one I had lasted for a month. A mozzie net will last forever!

lamandler Tue 06-Sep-11 22:24:16

Just reading this - have you thought of bed bugs? They are really common in some parts of the country (particularly London) and are a bugger to get rid of. We had them a couple of years ago, I couldn't figure out where DS bites were coming from until I googled. Tell tale signs are little specks of red of black on sheets. Don't want to worry you, but if you still haven't solved this I would get an expert company out to check your beds.

prettymum Tue 06-Sep-11 22:31:49

The plug ins from boots are excellent, I have been getting bitten all summer by mosquitoes and few weeks ago I bought the plug ins and haven't had any bites until I fell asleep on the couch in the living room last week where there are no plug ins and got 3 bites.

They last just over a month and are 3 for 2 so I bought two plugs for mine and dc room and an extra refill.

prettymum Tue 06-Sep-11 22:33:56

I live in SE London and a lot of people seem to be getting bitten by mosquitoes this summer.

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