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Whole body vibration

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shavmcv Thu 14-Jul-11 17:43:27

Anyone tried these shakers as a method of weight loss ? Do they work ? Any tips ? Thanx ! X

shavmcv Fri 15-Jul-11 00:12:44

No one ???hmm

rockinhippy Fri 15-Jul-11 00:28:13

No, not personally - but my Cousin was raving about them on facebook for a while ( we don't live close by) she thought they were going to be the answer to her prayers, as in less effort & more toned - she gave up after a few weeks as bar it being a bit of fun, she saw no improvement at all -

though it was recommended to her by a friend who did have good results with it, so maybe its one of those things you just need to try for yourself

RoadArt Fri 15-Jul-11 02:37:59

most people I know who have tried any of these milk shake type of drinks do lose weight - until they eat normal food again

you need to make sure you follow the diet programme vs healthy eating properly because they taste horrible (apparantly) and you wont want to spend your life on them. Also extremely expensive

shavmcv Mon 18-Jul-11 18:11:08

Just to clarify it's not milkshakes it's boy shakers you stand on them and they send vibrations through your body . They are used my NASA because astronauts don't get proper exercise and they lose bone density .

shavmcv Mon 18-Jul-11 18:11:31

*body shakers

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