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Can anyone help with this heart question?

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rebeccaton Thu 14-Jul-11 12:41:58

My ds has recently had his yearly check up for an inherited heart condition, and so far he isn't showing any signs, but it can develop at any time in life.

When I looked at the results of his holter monitoring, under VE (ventricular ectopics??) it said 5. I presumed that it was fairly common so didn't query it. But since being home I have googled and it keeps coming up that VE's are associated with heart disease in children. Now I'm confused and worried. They said he wasn't showing any manifestations of the disease so can ve's ever develop in healthy children?

Smokedsalmonbagel Thu 14-Jul-11 22:20:55

Afraid I can't help with children. But in adults VEs are very common and perfectly normal.
Google is a dangerous thing!
Hope someone else can help more.

rebeccaton Fri 15-Jul-11 01:45:36

Thanks Smokedsalmonbagel.

Don't I know it. Google is my worst nightmare when it comes to health problems. I wish I never looked.

Initially I didn't even worry about the VE's because I know they are so common, but apparently not the case with children. Unless someone knows different.....

Can anyone help? If the news is not so good at least I feel justified to question the results? I just need to know.

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