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Insomnia or just bad habits?

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DronesClub Thu 14-Jul-11 11:08:20

I've always been a light sleeper but since having two kids its got ridiculous.

DS now (4 almost 5) was a bad sleeper, up 10 times a night til he was about 18months, although DD (now 2.5) was a great sleeper from around 6 weeks and now are both pretty good - 8pm til 7/7.30am every night with wake ups only on the rare occassion they are ill or nightmares. So whilst I think I got worse in their early months (esp DS) there is no reason to blame them now!

DH works stupid hours, so can often come in anywhere between 8pm and 2am and is always up at 6am - unlike me once he's asleep he's out for the count (understandable with his work but also its his nature). So whilst he gets tired after a bad week he can usually catch up after a good lie in over the weekend or a couple of early nights. He travels a fair amount as well, and in fairness when he is away I do sleep better - no 6am alarm or indeed any noise/movement next to me.

As for me it varies, if I'm at home I rarely go to bed after 10pm, the few times we go out then of course its later but this isn't a regular thing. During the night I can wake anywhere between 1 and 4times and then struggle to get back to sleep. I wake up if DH comes home late and of course when the alarm goes off at 6am, although sometimes I can doze back to sleep once he's left at 6.30 until the first kid wakes up, sometimes I can't.

My problem is once I wake, I'm truly awake. My brain kicks in, I notice every uncomfortable thing (noise, heat/cold, I always have to go for a pee).

We live abroad for the last 18 months in a country where I couldn't work so I've been lucky enough that I could nap in the day if I was absolutely exhausted, but later this summer we move to another country where I will go back to work - and I'm dreading it not because of the move or returning to work but the exhaustion!

Sorry this is so long but wanted to give all the facts IYSWIM - I can't really change the environment, no spare room to speak of and DH's job is unlikely to change - but any tips on better sleeping or getting back to sleep more easily.

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