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I just need a little advice......

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hangover Thu 14-Jul-11 09:49:09

Don't know what to say really.
Don't really know what I want to ask.............
I think I drink too much. Thing is, when I don't I feel so sad all the time and tired and like my head's full of cotton wool.
I keep doing little tests for myself by stopping drinking for a couple of days, but before I manage to reach my goal, something crops up and I feel I deserve a drink. I don't want to drink, but when I do everything's ok-I have a higher sex drive (it's really low atm, as I haven't had a drink since Sunday night), I can tolerate my mundane life, I am more out going, the list goes on.
I'm sat here crying as I write this. I know that tonight I will want a drink, and it'll all go away for a couple of days if I give in.
I've told my Dh how I feel (re. too dependant on alcohol, and he's says I'm fine...........I think maybe he prefers me this way)
Any advice gratefully recieved xx

hangover Thu 14-Jul-11 10:06:26


JWIM Thu 14-Jul-11 10:54:13

Have a look at the 'Braves Babes on a sober summer holiday' thread in relationships (and the preceding threads over the last year and a bit) - there's lots of advice and support. It may help you think through your relationship with alcohol, and what you might do going forward.


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