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Empusa Thu 14-Jul-11 00:41:42

I had a lot of pain in one wrist which started last Wednesday, so went to the GP on Monday. I figured a sprain wouldn't last 5 days.

I think the doctor said, "something something tendonitis", but to be honest it had so many syllables I just got confused. So confused in fact that the GP laughed at the look on my face blush

So now I have to have my wrist strapped up and take anti-inflammatories, which annoyingly I already take daily for back pain. Unfortunately this does seem to mean they don't achieve as much as they used to.

Anyone else have or have had this? What else did you find helps? If anything?

It's driving me mad, there's already very little I can do thanks to my back. So having what I can do restricted thanks to this damn wrist pain is really annoying.

Orbinator Thu 14-Jul-11 09:41:17

I had tendonitis (also known as Gamekeepers Thumb apparently - something to do with cocking a gun putting strain on the same muscles in ye olden days!) and was given a wrist support and anti inflammatories. Unfortunately mine seemed to go on forever and while the initial pain dulls it took several years before I felt confident to grip and use my wrist effectively. I didn't wear the support as often as I probably should have though (was 19 and waitressing at the time and let's face it, you're just not going to wear that when you are out at that age!). Now i'm pg and have bad carpel tunnel which feels very similar and I wonder if I am prone in some way to developing these muscle problems...I have very thin wrists!

Not sure if you got what yr Dr was on about but basically the muscles usually llie on top of each other like silk and move up and down smoothly. With tendonitis the muscle wears and breaks becoming more like velcro - hence the pain.

Hope I haven't sounded too pessimistic! I'd just stick to what the doc tells you and don't use it at all if possible. Keep up with any wrist supports given and don't push what you can and can't do as I'm sure that delayed and possibly damaged mine further.

Hope it gets better soon - good luck smile

Empusa Thu 14-Jul-11 15:14:57

Thank you. That makes more sense, good to know that it will go eventually. It's so frustrating isn't it?

Both my mumand aunt (sisters) have had carpal tunnel. Wonder if there is some kind of link?

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