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Colic or reflux..........i seriously need advice.

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bettieblue Wed 13-Jul-11 20:30:42

DS is 7 weeks and is suffering I think from one or other. He takes his feeds fine but after an hour and a half he starts screaming and writing around in agony. He also brings up lumpy milk (not posseting) but milk that looks like its half digested. Hes on Dr Brown bottles and Infacol. Hes very windy (huge burps/ farts- im guessing infacol helps bring those up).Strangely though he sleeps at night and doesn't exhibit these symptoms when i feed during the night.

I went to the doctor for his 6 week check up and mentioned it. I asked if I could get colief on prescription as was going to try it to see if its was lactose intolerance that was causing the pain but was told no they wouldn't as they didn't know if he had a lactose intolerance . DS was screaming in appt and bought up lumpy milk so I think doctor felt obliged to do something and he prescribed nutramigen - I thought he was just prescribing me a lactose free milk, it turns out its for babies with total cows milk allegies?!!- I obviously want to find a solution that works but feel that we' ve jumped several stages.

It doesn't help that I don't know if its colic or reflux which means its difficult to know whats the best route to take. I have given him the nutramigen milk tonight because his earlier feed left him in so much pain but don't feel comfortable doing it. Am I being silly?

I had thought about trying colief in his milk (Aptamil first) or moving to Aptamil comfort (which has about half the lactose of normal milk) and perhaps using colief with that? Am I better bypassing that and just using Nutramigen. Im so confused. Im seeing a cranial oseopath at the end of the week. I just want a diagnosis and then a clear plan of action.....i guess that wishful thinking.

any advice gratefully received.

kiteflying Thu 14-Jul-11 09:24:44

Can't you get a referral to a specialist who might be better at diagnosing reflux? It is horrible for you to have to stumble around trying different things when your baby is obviously suffering.

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 14-Jul-11 14:27:16

Haven't got any advice sorry but wondered if you've found this thread yet?

Laurale31 Fri 15-Jul-11 08:22:58

My son was also put on to nutramigen, sounds exactly the same symptoms, he was always fine at night, I Had tried the aptimal comfort and he was better for a few weeks then gradually went back to the same crying all the time, because the nutramigen is usually the first option when kids show these signs, but because its a very thin milk my son was choking on it and seemed worse so we were then using a thickener and diagnosed with reflux, it is all trial and error, my son is 6 months now and im still not really sure what was wrong, try the milk and see if he improves, may take a few weeks though
I think cranial osteopath is definetly the thing to try, I wish I had! Let me know how that goes, xx

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