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Experiences coming OFF cerazette!!?? I'm an emotional wreck

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RiverJordan Tue 12-Jul-11 21:33:47

Havn't taken my cerazette pill for 2 days. First day I was fine. Today is the 2nd day and I have found myself becoming quite sad and emotional. Like earlier in the car I saw a little boy being helped out of his car by his grandad and I almost began crying at the fact that my kids will have never experience a grandad. I'm not the kind of person that succumbs to sudden sadness like that!!

And just now I was listening to a song by the choir Libera and an image of my grandad popped into my head - we were at his old house in the country which looked onto fields and trees and I suddenly became very saddened at the fact that I'll never get those days back.

And the worst bit about today - I forgot to pick the kids up from school!!! How ridiculous is that?? I got a text at 3.25 from DS saying "where are you??" shock I've NEVER done that before!!

I wasn't emotional whilst ON cerazette but could it be the sudden withdrawel making my mind go a bit funny??

Twosugarsplease Sun 17-Jul-11 06:51:38

I am currently taking cerazette too, I sympathise, as I have been having a roller coaster of emotions, the temper tantrums the worst..a good kick out on anything solid and unbreakable does the trick ! Along with tears from no where and the weight gain I am considering coming off them. I would think it is withdrawal making you feel like that...I would give it until you have had your next period, see if You feel any better,it should be out your system by then.

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