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Cranial Osteopathy........any experience, good or bad?

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bettieblue Tue 12-Jul-11 19:54:13

My DS is 7 weeks and has colic or some sort of digestive issue which causes him a lot of pain. It has been suggested a Cranial Osteopath might help. Can someone enlighten me as to what they actually do and has anyone used them....did they help at all?

LornaGoon Tue 12-Jul-11 21:23:22

Hi bettieblue

My DS had a diganosis of colic/ reflux at this age too and we tried cranial osteo treatments for it.

The Osteopath lay him on her table and gently felt around his head, back and hips. She was extremely gentle and it looked like she was cupping his head in her hands and very gently massaging him.

The Osteopath didn't actually think he had colic at all and suggested that, because he was head down in my pelvis for so long when I was pregnant he had some tightness around his head and neck, the kind of compression and discomfort you get when you do a headstand for too long.

Now I look back and am coming out of the hormonal brain fog of having a new baby, he didn't fit the symptoms of colic and no medication helped at all, plus the Dr was a bit slack in assessing him. This of course, may not be your expriences.

While it was not a cure for whatever discomfort he was in, it definately helped give him some peace for a few hours so he could have a nap. And that was as important to my well being as much as his.

I would also recommend baby massage for stressed babies who don't seem to be able to get comfortable especially when tired.

Hope this helps.

kalo12 Tue 12-Jul-11 21:26:08

you need to find a reputable one who is a trained oesteopath and not a midwife who has done a weekend course!!!!

petaluma Tue 12-Jul-11 21:32:19

Yes, yes, yes! Took my ds to one for some other unrelated issue (bubble palate, not latching on etc) and osteopath did an all round MOT and diagnosed a digestive issue - after a couple of sessions, night crying stopped, he began sleeping through the night and he was generally more happy.

I'm not sure what he actually did - I was v sceptical at first as it looked like he barely touched him but the effect couldn't have been coincidental I don't think as when I took him back the second time, he improved again.

He was so gentle, and I wouldn't hesitate taking my next one again if I felt there was an issue.

If you live in SOuth/west London area, I can recommend a good one who specialise in babies.

PieMistress Tue 12-Jul-11 21:33:10

We used Cranial Osteopathy for DS (failed forceps delivery) and she worked wonders. The first session he wouldn't let her touch his head without screaming the place down but 5 sessions later we had a much happier, more content and calm DS

bettieblue Tue 12-Jul-11 21:48:04


I live near Heathrow and have been recommended one near Twickenham Green by my NCT leader but would welcome other suggestions.

I don't know if its colic but wind is defintely an issue and after a feed (about an hour) he writhes about and screams in pain. GP has suggested trying lactose free milk but DS goes down to sleep at night so im assuming if he had an intolerance he wouldn't sleep at night. The crying during the day is horrible and upsetting seeing him in pain so im willing to try anything!

Gastonladybird Tue 12-Jul-11 21:50:54

If it's the one I think near Twickenham green friends used it and said it helped. There is also another one in central Twickenham that I have used and would recommend. I didn't use one for dd but have heard nothing but positive stories from anyone who has used them for colicky or unsettled babies.

bettieblue Tue 12-Jul-11 22:15:10

The one i was recommended was the Maple Leaf on Twickenham Green -is that the one you are talking about?

Gastonladybird Tue 12-Jul-11 22:16:46

Yes thought so- or the maris practice also good.

Heavypetal Tue 12-Jul-11 22:44:00

Hi Bettieblue

This is my first time posting so hope I manage to do so successfully.

I cannot recommend this enough. I used one for ds1 who is now 3 and for ds2 who is 9 months. I had used the chiropractors in the clinic myself over the years and took ds1 when he was 3 weeks old. He would scream for hours in afternoon into mid evening and nothing would placate him. After first visit the improvement was noticeable. He slept well and latched on amazingly. We went often over a 3 week period.

I was told lots of interesting stuff and learned loads, so much so that I had no hesitation in taking my ds2 when docs diagnosed him with colic which I never thought he had. I always thought it was wind and digestion problems with him and was right.

The clinic I have been going to for years is the Octagon Clinic - they have a website which will give you more info. I see Rachel there but others are equally as good and they specialise in babies. They will do their best to see you asap and it's £35 per session. They are on Chiswick/Hammersmith Borders so easy for you in Hounslow I think.

Please feel free to ask me any other questions ;-)

petaluma Thu 14-Jul-11 20:00:49

HI Bettieblue, it's the Maris practice in Twickenham I took DS to. Tom there is lovely (and very good looking, not that means anything of course)

Laurale31 Fri 15-Jul-11 08:11:20

Can anyone recommend one in central Scotland area?

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