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Don't give up on a bad back.

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inthesticks Mon 11-Jul-11 17:45:46

I've had four years of back pain, leg numbness and pain. Seen umpteen GPs, 2 consultants and 3 physios.
The last physio spotted straight away that I have one leg longer than the other. I thought hmm. How come I've had this all my life and only started with problems in my 40s? Apparently it's yet another thing that can occur during pregnancy or childbirth.
^ months after using a wedge in one shoe to correct it I am almost pain freesmile.

Lightshines Tue 12-Jul-11 00:45:48

Glad you have finally got some relief - i was recently at a seminar where the tutor (a chiropractor, actually) talked a lot about the dramatically positive effects that orthotics can have.
Its definitely worth consulting some kind of manipulative therapist to see if they can ease back pain.

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