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Heavy sensation in breast.

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LetThereBeRock Mon 11-Jul-11 15:20:12

I've had a rather heavy sensation in my right breast for two weeks now,it's not there constantly,but often,with the occasional twinge in my left,in addition to an intermittent stabbing pain in my back,below my shoulder blade.

There are no obvious lumps,just this heavy,slightly sore sensation.I do have a history of rib and occasional chest pain,which I believe may be costochondritis,have spoken to our doctor about that,and I'm wondering if it's related to this.

Is it worth bothering the doctor about this? I would rather like to see her,to put my mind at ease,but I don't want to waste her time.


imadgeine Mon 11-Jul-11 18:00:16

If you are worried about your breast then it is always worth seeing doc. and getting it checked.
One thing I learned - a mammogram does not work well on young (pre-menopause) women as breast tissue dense. Waste of an X-ray. They need to use other scanning techniques like ultrasound to have a proper look.

Elibean Mon 11-Jul-11 20:00:31

I know what you mean about rib/chest pain, and costochondritis - and have often been confused about breast pain as a result.

YES go and see your doctor: its never 'bothering' if you are worried, or a waste of time!

FWIW, I see a breast specialist annually (following benign breast disease ten years ago) and he says rib/skeletal pain is more likely to be on the outside of the breast, and armpit - pain in centre of breast or underneath is more likely to be hormonal and originate in breast tissue.

Although I'm sure I've had referred pain in every bit of both breasts at times!

LetThereBeRock Mon 11-Jul-11 22:33:25

Thankyou both. I'll call for an appointment in the morning then.

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