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Tens machines; advice please

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Ormirian Mon 11-Jul-11 15:05:24

I have been recommended on here to try a TENS for my stupid painful back that doesn't seem to get any better sad

All the ones I can afford are battery powered - anyone have experience of how long they are likely to last? Are we talking hours or use, or days? It could end up being a false economy to buy cheaper ones if they use batteries like there's no tomorow!


notcitrus Mon 11-Jul-11 15:46:19

I got a second-hand Boots one - I think it took 4 DD batteries. It lasted for a few times of a couple hours for backache on low setting, plus a few hours on higher setting and then an hour or so on max during labour.
I did find that rechargeables were a tiny bit larger and thus didn't fit, so for long term-use that might be an issue. Do you have pound shops selling decent batteries near you?

Being battery-powered gives you the flexibility to move around so would recommend it. Try Ebay (where I got mine)

Ormirian Mon 11-Jul-11 15:50:47

Yes we have a pound shop. Thanks notcitrus - I have got one now from Amazon - good reviews.

I went to the chiro today and he crunched a few vertebrae and I feel a bit better but it's still achey. Hence the urgency = I can see me using the thing 24 hrs a day as thing are.

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