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Mild prolapse/pelvic floor exercises, etc - please share with me

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PleaseHelpMyPelvicFloor Mon 11-Jul-11 13:19:49

After wildly panicking being concerned about a prolapsed uterus or something similar, the GP confirmed today that I have a mild vaginal prolapse in my vaginal wall. She acted like it was nothing really to worry about, just to do some pelvic floor exercises, but she referred me to a physio and gynae as I have health insurance.

But I am still worried. Several posts on here suggest that the exercises are pointless and the prolapse will just get worse and I'll eventually need surgery? Does anyone have any experience of this, or improved their situation with exercises?

The GP suggested running etc was not a problem, but I have been doing a fair bit of exercise lately involving running and jumping around and I feel that this may have made it worse. What do other people do? Has anyone used a pelvic floor toner or are they a gimmick?

Lastly, any recommendations for a gynae and/or specialist physio in the Bournemouth or Southampton area??


l4k Mon 11-Jul-11 16:19:56

A really good womans health physio can definately help.After I had 2 kids I saw one on nhs and she couldn't have been more helpful and kind.If i hadn't had 2 more kids I might have been fine!

AmeliaGrey Mon 11-Jul-11 17:12:58

You need to wait until you have seen physio and gynae.

I had a mild prolapse and chose to have it repaired 20 years back.

I tried running a ew years ago and it seemed to make things worse, and when I asked gynae and physio they said not to run- puts too much pressure on pelvic floor.

ImeldaM Tue 12-Jul-11 09:55:08

Would agrre, physio should be really helpful, had same couple of years ago & exercises have helped to improve, not completely but helped & stopped getting any worse.

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