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Unexplained bruise?

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Bimbles Sat 09-Jul-11 20:44:41

My dp woke up 2 week ago with a large bruise on the inside of his arm and he doesn't know how it might have happened.The day before we had a busy day in the house moving furniture and he played a 2 hour game of tennis as well,so I suggested he may have done something then but he can't recall anything.Bruise totally cleared up now and no more have appeared.Just wondered if anyone has had anything similar?

Elibean Sat 09-Jul-11 20:47:44

I'm always discovering large bruises after physical things like moving furniture - am just unaware of doing it, but obviously do!

If it doen'st happen again, I wouldn't worry about it smile

ednurse Sat 09-Jul-11 20:49:55

I get them all the time too, small things like knocking yourself lightly at work (or lifting furniture) can be enough to bruise.

Bimbles Mon 11-Jul-11 12:17:21

Thank you both for replying,feel a bit better now.

Lady1nTheRadiator Mon 11-Jul-11 12:24:58

My arms and legs are covered in bruises most of the time. Is that not normal?

AMumInScotland Mon 11-Jul-11 12:38:10

Moving furniture could easily do it, if something heavy was pressing against his arm awkwardly while he was lifting/carrying it. It wouldn't need to be a sudden bump to cause a bruise, it can happen from pressure instead. He was likely bracing something with his arm.

If I ever manage to move furniture and not get a bruise, I'm surprised!

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